BusinessesStevens Virgin has the trial experience and expertise to successfully advance your commercial litigation claim.

We know that few forces can derail a business as quickly as litigation, which is why we move efficiently and tirelessly to achieve favourable outcomes for our clients. Our experience acting for large and small business owners in a variety of commercial disputes is invaluable for anyone seeking efficient prosecution of their claim or expert assistance in mounting a robust defence.

Just this year, we successfully acted to protect the interests of a small business owner, who had been sold defective goods. Numerous issues were raised, such as whether the costs the client had incurred in dealing with the goods, (at the request of the responsible government entity) were reasonable or not, while the vendor’s counsel questioned whether the goods in question could even be considered defective. We moved decisively to address these challenges to our client’s claim, and, through our tenacious representation, we succeeded in negotiating a successful resolution on their behalf.

The success of a business can hinge on achieving a successful resolution. Stevens Virgin can help you to secure your business interests against legal challenges and strategically advance your claims.