Insurers_2xInsurance is a business concerned with managing risk.

Ironically, insurers themselves are often at risk of costly legal challenges. Stevens Virgin regularly represents insurers, defending their interests and advancing their claims. We deliver the full range of high-value services that our clients require – including insurance and reinsurance coverage matters, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, and civil litigation.

Our expertise rests on our considerable experience in court. We are as comfortable advocating before a judge as we are unyielding in our pursuit of our clients’ best interests. We serve in court on a near daily basis and every year we pursue major insurance cases through to trial. We handle all aspects of insurance litigation, including negotiated resolutions, trials before juries and judges, and appeals. We have represented some of the nation’s largest insurance brokers as well as some of the smallest.

As a recent example, we represented international insurers on several claims involving occupier’s liability matters. As well, we have successfully defended claims arising from alleged non-maintenance of local apartment buildings and strata complexes. Recently, Stevens Virgin acted on behalf of a domestic insurer and the claims advanced by a hotel management company against several building professionals, regarding the alleged supply and installation of defective mechanical components. Our lawyers’ experience with insurance defence issues allowed them to achieve a successful and efficient resolution of the client’s claim.

Our trial experience means that we are never without a strategy for achieving the best possible outcome, whether that means disposing of a case on a summary application, negotiating an early settlement, or championing our clients’ interests in a court of law.